Production film company AQUARIUM FILMS was founded in Moscow, Russia, November, 2014 by Producer Anastasia Pavlovich ( EAVE participant 2013), Ilya Zofin and Kirill Lysko. A priority direction of company s activity is  production of feature and documentery films and TV series of various genres and formats. AQUARIUM FILMS has a unique experience of international coproduction.

In 2014 the film  «The Voice of Sokurov» was made in co-production with Estonia and Finlandia,  directed by Leena Kilpelainen. The World premier  took place at the international film festival in Locarno, official selection. Film Boutiques became an international sales company for it.

In 2015, production was running 4 full-length feature films, including the feature film «Nobody Nowhere,» directed by Andrey Redkin and «The Bridge» directed by Max Koubrinsky, co-production Russia and France.

In 2015 a feature «The last night» directed by Arseniy Gonchukov was released. The film has received the highest award of the film festival in new Delhi.

In 2016 the TV series «In the Constellation of Sagittarius» will be on the main TV Channel.

April 2017, producer Anastasia Pavlovich has started the animation film production «The Swimmer», directed by award winners Tatiana and Olga Poliektovy in coproduction with France and Germany

Contact persons

Анастасия Павлович
Генеральный директор, Продюсер
Сергей Куприянов
Креативный продюсер, редактор
Илья Цофин
Продюсер, Сценарист
Дарья Околова
Исполнительный Продюсер

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